ditching machine 1. Matched power:12.5-25.8kw 2. Ditch depth:0-1200mm 3. Ditch width:100-300mm 4. tractor power


Strong tractor power trech digging machine 

Technical parameters

Matched power: 12.5-25.8kw

Ditch depth: 0-1200mm

Ditch width: 100-300mm

Working speed: 80-300m/h

Ditch depth and width is adjustable on the basis of what you need.

Brief introduce

1. This farm tractor ditching machine is a new style trenching equipment, supporting the use of small size 4 wheel tractor. This farm tractor ditching machine moving forward slowly by establishing independent hydraulic system on the ordinary tractor, making a neat and straight deep ditch.

2. This  farm tractor ditching machine adopt the rear furrow opener, is made up of the power and transmission system, walking system, gear box, transmission chain, furrowing cutting knife, bulldozer, etc.

3. This farm tractor ditching has compact and simple structure, small size,easy to operate, high efficiency, best quality, long life time, easy maintenance.

Application fields

 This farm ditching machine widely used to furrow for planting deep root crops such as yam,medicinal herbs, etc, excavating irrigation channels, underground pipe channels, water pipe channels, underground cabling channels and other ditching work.

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