high speed womans sanitary napkin pad machine


high speed womans sanitary napkin pad machine


Main Function Features of high speed womans sanitary napkin pad machine

1. produce regular type, economic type and high grade type sanitary pads

2. Materials of stereo-protection complex and molded on whisper sanitary pads machine

3. The quantity of SAP and fluff pulp adjusted freely

4. Raw materials automatic unwinding system, automatic splicing units, automatic rejection units, automatic web guard system.

5. Machine attached with fully automatic packing machine (stacker), make packing simpler and save labor force

6. Machine equipped with production door

7.Touchable Screen: Machine switch on/off, running speed, time, counting pieces, parameter setting, alarm, error display, error enquiry(functions setting appear on screen are different according to different machine type)

Main Function Features for  high speed womans sanitary napkin pad machine

In special days, female need considerate care, ultra thin sanitary pads help you.

Cover: Soft breathable nonwoven top-sheet keeps natural and comfortable

Cotton core: SAP paper, two layer of airlaid paper with rhombic embossment assure fast and high absorbency.

Back sheet Breathable PE film prevents leakage.

Wing Design for Secure Protection –keep it in position and protect underwear clean.

Adhesive peel strip - designed for superior holding but easy removal.

Packaged in hygienic, air tight sealed packets - assuring the highest sanitary conditions.

Model  MJ-HYM

Design Speed : 100m /min

Stable Production Speed : 200-300pcs/min

Product size : one size

Capacity : 45kw

Electricity : 380v , 50hz

Weight : about 10 ton

Machine overall  dimension : 10 *3*3 m



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