1.fruits of different size 2.pitting rate:99-100% 3.stainelss steel


The plum pitting machine adopts the design of Semi-pitting. Such design is the most scientific, state of the art method for the pitting process of both fresh and dry fruit. It has been widely accepted by the users. The benefits of semi-pitting is that it can ensure perfect pitting rate, leaving little possible of the fruit meat, and the two ends of the fruit after pitting would be very complete. Such design is compact and its structure is relatively simple. Therefore, it is very easy for the clearance and maintenance.The machine needles and other parts are made of special steel with stable and durable condition.



Details of the plum pitting machine:


1.the plum pit remove machine is suitable for a variety of stone fruits such as olive,jujube,dates,pulm,crab apple,apricot,cherry,red bayberry,etc.


2.the plum pit remove machine adopts special punch pin to remove the fruit pit thoroughly,the pitting rate can be 99-100%,after pitting,the fruits are in good condition,no breaking and no waste.


3.the diameter of fruit can be Φ10-Φ50.Just change different moulds to process fruits of different size.


4.the material of machine can be stainless steel,semi-stainless steel or carbon steel.


Parameters of the plum pitting machine:


NameModelPowerPitting rateFruit size
Cherry pitterMJ-YP011.5Kw/380V99-100%10-25984001800*1090*1180
Dates pitterMJ-ZQH1.5Kw/380V99-100%12-241560002300*1280*1220
Olive pitterMJ-GLQH1.5Kw/380V99-100%12-30672002300*1280*1220
Apricot pitterMJ-XQH1.5Kw/380V99-100%30-40384002300*1280*1220
Plum pitterMJ-LQH1.5Kw/380V99-100%20-30672002300*1280*1220
Crabapple pitterMJ-SGQH1.5Kw/380V99-100%20-36240003000*1280*1220
Bayberry pitterMJ-YMQH1.5Kw/380V99-100%20-30672002300*1280*1220


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